MIXING. FOAMING. COOLING. Welcome to Promix® Solutions

Promix Solutions stands for mixing, foaming and cooling in plastics processing and polymer production. Whether as a retrofit solution or installation in a new line, Promix Solutions delivers technologically outstanding key components combined with a broad process know-how and long standing experience. Optimize your process, save raw material cost, increase the output, improve the product quality!

Mixing Nozzles

Mixing Nozzles for melt homogenization in injection molding

Melt Blenders

Melt Blenders for homogenization of extrusion melts

Foam Extrusion

Physical foaming in extrusion

CO2/N2 Gas Dosing

Promix gas dosing systems with CO2 and N2

Melt Coolers

Promix Melt Cooler


Promix offers key components for the production of XPS, XPE, XPP foamsng