Analysis of a trend chart recorded with inline viscosity meter

Inline Viscosity Meter Visco-P

Quality at a glance. In real time.

Promix melt blender with pressure and temperature sensors forms the measuring section

Online Rheometer Visco-P

Lower raw material costs through active raw material management

Visco-P from Promix is a true inline viscosity meter that helps you monitor your production process and save production costs.

Inline viscosity measurement – directly in the melt stream

Monitor the quality in your extrusion line, fiber production, polymer production or food and chemical production continuously in real time with the Promix Visco-P inline viscosity meter. Prevent scrap production and reduce raw material costs through active raw material management.

Promix Visco-P is a true online rheometer that helps you monitor your production process and save production costs. Ask for a test unit and see for yourself!

Advantages Promix Visco-P inline viscosity measurement

  • Continuous monitoring of raw material quality and process conditions in real time
  • Raw material cost reduction through active raw material management
  • Precise inline viscosity measurement in the melt stream – without bypass
  • Suitable for all viscous media
  • Additional benefit of melt and temperature homogenization in the Promix melt blender, which also serves as a measuring section
  • Can be integrated into any extrusion line

Working principle

A special melt blender from Promix serves as the measuring section. The measurement results are recorded continuously and in real time on an industrial PC with touch screen and visualized accordingly. In addition to the viscosity, the MFR or IV value of the real melt can be read at any time. Trend evaluations and reporting tools allow recording of the measurement results with statistical evaluation. In addition to the continuous

viscosity measurement, the Promix static mixer provides excellent melt and temperature homogenization. This allows surface quality and thickness tolerances of the extrudate to be improved and, in many cases, line throughput to be increased. Visco-P is used in many applications, for example in PET extrusion and in the processing of melts loaded with blowing fluids.

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