New gas dosing system with unprecedented range of applications

With the new NC350 gas dosing system, Promix offers a solution with a previously unattainable range of applications. The system developed for metering atmospheric gases can handle both, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and works in an unbelievably large dosing range of 1:1000. The same system can be used for small laboratory extruders with dosing quantities of only a few grams per hour up to large production lines with quantities of several kilograms per hour.


Mitarbeiter beim Prüfen einer Gasdosieranlage

The mass flow-controlled systems are highly precise in their entire dosing range and work independently of the back pressure and the ambient temperature, which leads to a very high level of reliability. The NC350 is also ideally suited for metering gases in the supercritical state. This was made possible by the development of a high-precision inert gas dosing module with sophisticated control technology, which was specially optimized for use in foam extrusion.

Users appreciate the simple operation of the NC350 with the clearly arranged touchscreen and the high precision of gas dosing regardless of the external boundary conditions. Long start-up processes are a thing of the past, as are quality problems due to insufficient process consistency.

Anwender schätzen die einfache Bedienung und die hohe Dosiergenauigkeit der Gasdosierstation

Users appreciate the easy operation and the high dosing accuracy of the gas dosing station.

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