Say goodbye to product degradation!

The temperature control of viscous liquids or melts in continuous processes is a challenge. The viscosity, which varies greatly depending on the temperature, favors an uneven flow. Consequently, this may lead to deposits, product degradation, reduced heat transfer and, in extreme cases, blockages of the heat exchanger. The P1 cooling mixer from Promix Solutions AG offers the answer to this challenging task and can do even more. Thanks to its unique design, it prevents product degradation deriving from long residence times and avoids deposits or temperature peaks in the temperature control process. The forced guidance and constant mixing of the product in the interior of the cooling mixer leads to short residence times combined with a unique narrow residence time distribution.



Static mixers like the Promix SMB Plus are able to homogenize melts and liquids. As a consequence, temperature differences or temperature peaks are minimized. At the same time, variations in the material composition, such as for example additive concentrations can be equalized as well. The result is a uniform product in terms of composition as well as temperature distribution. Based on the SMB mixer structure, the patented P1 cooling mixer combines the functions of a highly efficient static mixer with those of a heat exchanger in one component. A heat transfer fluid flows through both, the mixing elements inside the P1 cooling mixer as well as the double jacket. This leads to a very effective heat exchange in the smallest installation space. The extremely uniform flow constantly prevents deposits and product degradation. The P1 Cooling Mixer is designed for highly effective temperature control and is built to last for years of continuous service.Even extremely high-viscosity liquids that lead to a high pressure drop in the cooler can be processed without any problems.

With the P1 cooling mixer technology from Promix Solutions AG, demanding cooling and heating tasks are performed successfully, not only in polymer processing and polymer production, but also in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Thanks to its extremely narrow residence time distribution, the cooling mixer is also perfectly suitable for continuously operated reactors that require cooling or heating. P1 cooling mixers are used for small throughputs of a few kilograms per hour up to industrial applications with several tons per hour. A safe scale-up is possible at any time.

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