P1 Melt cooler

Polymer Production

Promix Melt Cooler – excellent cooling performance with very compact design!

Promix employees inspecting a melt cooler

Polymer Production

Say goodbye to product degradation!

Promix cooling mixer as plugflow reactor

Plug-flow reactors

Outstanding polymer properties

In the production of polymers and their intermediates, cooling is sometimes required. Promix's high-performance cooling mixers demonstrate excellent cooling performance in a very compact design. The short residence times and unique design sustainably prevent product decomposition and deposits. And this with very low pressure losses.

Gentle cooling in polymer production

Your advantages

  • Short residence time thanks to very compact design
  • Cooling without product decomposition and deposits
  • Low pressure drop
  • Very high mechanical strength

Outstanding polymer properties thanks to Promix plug-flow reactors.

Promix cooling mixer technology is the perfect basis for continuous polymerization processes. The very narrow residence time distribution and precise temperature control create ideal conditions for the production of high-quality polymers with very narrow chain length distribution.

Your advantages

  • Extremely narrow residence time distribution
  • Precise temperature control
  • High cooling and heating capacity


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