Promix foam extrusion system at a customer in the food packaging industry

Microcell Foam Extrusion

Significant material and cost savings, lighter products, better CO2 balance, more profit!

PET foam extrusion line at SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH

Promix Microcell Extrusion

Less raw material costs.
More sustainability.

PET blown film line with Promix Microcell extrusion

Microcell Foam Extrusion

Successfully used for films, sheets, pipes, profiles, cables, blown films and extrusion blow molded parts.

Promix Microcell Extrusion in sheet extrusion line

Promix Microcell Technology

Easy to retrofit into your extrusion line!

Microcell foam extrusion systems from Promix are used for a wide variety of applications and for almost all polymers. Thanks to the production of very homogeneous microcellular foam structures, high-quality foam products with very low densities and excellent mechanical properties can be produced.

Microcell Foam Extrusion from Promix – Outstanding physical foaming solutions

Physical foaming can significantly reduce material costs in many extrusion applications. Foam extrusion systems from Promix set standards in the production of microcellular foam products with a very homogeneous cell structure and high process consistency.

Unique key components and extensive process knowledge form the basis. The systems operate with the environmentally friendly blowing fluids CO2 and N2 and are very easy to integrate into existing or new extrusion lines. Depending on the application, density reductions of 5% to over 70% can be achieved.

More than 300 systems sold for foam extrusion worldwide

  • Significant cost savings due to density reduction of 5–70%.
  • Highest foam quality with outstanding process stability
  • Easy installation into existing and new extrusion lines
  • Promix does not charge any license fees

Promix Microcell Foam extrusion

Key to success

  • Promix gas dosing systems for highest dosing accuracy and very safe and easy operation, specially designed for physical foaming.
  • Highly efficient patented static and dynamic mixing systems with very short installation length
  • Unique patented P1 cooling mixer technology for outstanding foaming results
  • Foam-compatible die design, annular dies for light foam applications
  • Inline viscosity measurement for real-time monitoring of raw material quality and process conditions
  • Procell nucleation additives specifically adapted to microcellular extrusion
  • Comprehensive consulting and project support
  • Pilot trials and material samples in our extrusion laboratory

Concept Promix Microcell Foam Extrusion

Patented technology: Promix Microcell Foam Extrusion System
Patented technology: Promix Microcell Foam Extrusion System


Promix Microcell foam extrusion systems are integrated into the extrusion line and consist of components for blowing fluid metering, homogenization and melt cooling. The blowing fluid is metered in a controlled manner by a high-precision Promix gas dosing unit specifically designed for physical foaming. Highly efficient patented static and dynamic mixing systems ensure optimum mixing of the blowing agent in short process lengths.


The unique P1 cooling mixer technology and special Procell nucleation additives are further key components for producing very fine-cell foam products with extremely uniform cell distribution. The optimum solution is worked out by our experts on a project-specific basis and depending on the application, the extruder configuration, and the desired properties of the foam.


Microcell foam extrusion systems from Promix are used for a wide range of extrusion applications and for almost all polymers, and for systems with a capacity of 5 kg/h to over 2000 kg/h.


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