Mixer structure SMB plus static mixer


Homogeneous plastic melt – the key to improved product quality!

Flow velocity in a Sulzer SMX plus mixer


Promix static mixers – highly efficient, low maintenance, energy and space saving

Solve quality concerns in injection molding or extrusion? Increase productivity of your plant? Save costs? Talk to the market leader for static mixer solutions in the plastics industry!

How does Static Mixing work

Static mixing is the mixing of liquids without moving parts. A static mixer uses tubular internals of intersecting bars to achieve the desired mixing and dispersion effect as the melt flows through the motionless mixing elements.

Promix static mixer solutions are designed to balance melt homogeneity and temperature gradients very effectively at low shear stress and minimal pressure drop. Further positive aspects are short installation length and maintenance-free operation.

Longitudinal cross section through an SMX mixer: with the aid of 2 epoxy resins, the flow behavior becomes visible
Longitudinal cross section through an SMX mixer: with the aid of 2 epoxy resins, the flow behavior becomes visible

Static mixer – the working principle

Static mixing technology

You can rely on a team of professionals with a solid background in plastics processing and more than 40 years of experience in mixing technology. The combination of the latest techniques and tools for flow simulation, an in-house pilot plant and many years of production experience form the cornerstone of Promix static mixer solutions.

Flow velocities in a Sulzer SMX plus mixer
Promix has a license for the Sulzer SMX plus mixer for plastics processing. The picture shows the flow velocities in the SMX plus mixer.

Unique static mixer geometry for outstanding results

Some 40 years ago, Sulzer pioneered the field of static mixers and marketed its unique mixer concept under the brand name Sulzer Mixer SMX. Over the years, the design of the Sulzer SMX mixer has been continuously modified and improved. Today, special geometries and designs for the plastics industry are offered exclusively by Promix Solutions, the new owner of Sulzer's static mixer business for plastics processing.

Sulzer Mixer SMX plus, license for Plastics Processing

Promix Solutions holds a license for the unique Sulzer mixer for plastics processing, type SMX plus. The structure of the Sulzer SMX plus mixer provides excellent mixing performance with the lowest possible pressure drop. Promix has further optimized the mixer structure for plastics processing. The result is the new generation of the SMB plus melt blender. Its virtually unbreakable design with very effective mixing performance and low pressure drop sets a new standard for melt blenders in extrusion processes.


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