Mixing nozzle and static mixer type SMK for injection molding

Mixer Injection Molding

Better part quality, reduced color consumption, lower costs, more profit!

Without Promix mixing nozzle: Unstable color distribution and color saturation

Mixer Injection Molding

Flow lines visible…

with Promix mixing nozzle: closures show homogeneous color distribution and color saturation

Mixer Injection Molding

Flow lines gone!

Quality problems in injection molding are often solved by modifying the process parameters. Masterbatch concentration and back pressure must be increased, which makes production costs more expensive. This does not have to be the case! Mixing Nozzles from Promix ensure excellent melt homogeneity. Color streaks or irregularly distributed additives in the component are a thing of the past.

Mixing nozzles and static mixers for injection molding – Improve your process now!

Color streaks, surface defects, weak weld lines, part warpage? You can solve many of your current problems in a fast and cost-effective way without interrupting production. Explore the hidden potential for further process optimization. Reduce your masterbatch costs by up to 30% or shorten your cycle time.

The static mixer is installed directly in the nozzle of the injection molding machine. When replacing the existing nozzle with a mixing nozzle, you can rely on an experienced partner. Mixing nozzles for the most common injection molding machines are in stock with us and can be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks.

The existing nozzle is replaced by a ready-to-fit mixing nozzle
Installation principle: The existing nozzle is replaced by a ready-to-fit mixing nozzle

Fast color change thanks to perfect self-cleaning

The Promix mixing nozzles and static mixers are usually cleaned without dismantling. Cleaning is carried out by purging with the new polymer. Thanks to the optimum nozzle and mixer geometry, there are no deposits or dead zones. Color or material changes are therefore completed after just a few injection molding cycles. This effectively prevents unnecessary material loss and additional cleaning effort.

Color change Static mixer Injection molding from blue to transparent - no color residues are visible after 4 to 5 shots
Promix mixing nozzle: fast color change thanks to excellent self-cleaning

Many years of experience, wide product range, maximum benefit

As the »inventor« and market leader of static mixing technology in injection molding, you benefit from our extensive experience and a very broad product portfolio that optimally covers specific applications. This helps you to achieve the maximum benefit for your particular application.

Send us your inquiry and you will receive an offer immediately. If we do not achieve the goals, we will give you a right of return within 30 days.

Mixing nozzles from Promix® offer numerous advantages

  • 20–30% less masterbatch consumption
  • Elimination of flow lines or color streaks
  • Excellent distribution of additives
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Higher admixture of regranulate
  • Shorter cycle times

What you can expect from us

  • Design and consultation tailored to your specific application
  • Mixing nozzles ready to install incl. heater bands and thermocouple
  • Short lead times
  • High quality standard
  • Test nozzles / sale or return option on request


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