Gas dosing unit for the production of foamed PET sheet

CO2/N2 gas dosing unit

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CO2/N2 gas dosing unit

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Physical foaming

With environmentally neutral and cost-effective N2 and CO2 gases

Promix gas dosing stations for physical foaming have been specially designed and developed to meet the needs of foam extrusion. Promix gas metering technology is characterized by high dosing accuracy, reliability and amazingly simple operation.

CO2 and N2 gas dosing stations for physical foaming

Promix gas dosing stations meet all the requirements of a modern gas metering system for foam extrusion. These include high-precision mass flow control, process visualization by means of trend charts, operator-definable

operating limits, data acquisition, and synchronization of the dosing rate with the extruder output. Implementation in the extruder control system via fieldbus system is also possible.

Key features Promix gas metering technology

  • Mass flow from 1 g/h up to 20'000 g/h
  • Dosing pressure up to 680 bar
  • Convenient operation via 12.1" touch screen
  • User settable limits for full process control
  • Trend charts for pressure and mass flow over time
  • “Flow match" function to synchronize mass flow with extruder output
  • Integration of extruder control via fieldbus system possible
  • Data acquisition via USB interface
  • Remote maintenance capability

Promix Gas Dosing System

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Test before you buy! All our gas dosing systems are also available as test systems. Test the ease of operation & precision of the CO2 and N2 dosing station and validate your process technology objectives.

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