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Nucleation additives

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Procell nucleating additiv

Nucleation additives

Procell is suitable for contact with food.

The Procell nucleation additives developed by Promix are specially adapted to the Microcell foam extrusion technology. They lead to microcellular foam structures, a key factor for high mechanical strength of the foamed product.

Procell nucleation additives – a key in the production of microcellular foams

Homogeneous, very fine-cell foam structures are the key to high mechanical strength. Promix has developed specific Procell nucleation additives. These are specially adapted to the Promix Microcell foam technology and lead to microcellular foam structures. The additives can be used in foam extrusion and light foam extrusion for many polymers such as PP, PET, PE, PS, ABS, PLA and are suitable for food contact applications. Contact us for a test sample.

Advantages Procell Nucleation Additives

  • Excellent, very uniform and fine-cell foams
  • Easy dosage as masterbatch
  • Highly effective even at very low dosing rates
  • No disturbing side effects when reincorporating recycled material
  • Suitable for contact with food

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